Truck Accidents and 18-Wheeler Accidents in Henderson, NV

The David Boehrer Law Firm offers legal services to individuals with injuries arising from truck accidents including 18-wheeler accidents. It is on record that most truck drivers carry out their duties diligently and take extreme care to ensure that they do not cause accidents that may cause injuries to others. However, a few individual drivers continue to cause accidents with reckless abandon through careless driving and negligence. This is reprehensible. Our firm, based in Henderson, NV, ensures that justice is served and the victims are fully compensated. The thought of a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler truck is nothing short of a fatality. Our attorneys command a wealth of experience spanning decades and are articulate in mounting a legal battle that is based on facts while protecting the rights and interests of the victim. Our holistic approach to legal representation gives us an excellent platform to gain control of every bit of the individual’s injury case and give the necessary legal advice in trying moments.

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