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In a situation where a person injured in a traffic accident suffers death, the closest family members may apply for: compensation upon the death of the closest person , being a form of a one-time cash payment intended to alleviate the physical and mental suffering of the immediate family members of the deceased (applies only to accidents that occurred from 3 August 2008); compensation , paid if, as a result of the death of the victim, there is a significant deterioration in the life situation of those closest to them; reimbursement of the costs of treatment and funeral of the injured, incurred by members of his Pasadena family; maintenance support , intended to supplement the income of persons for whom the deceased was burdened by the maintenance obligation and whom he constantly and voluntarily supported financially during his life; Binder & Associates are a personal injury law firm Pasadena.

If the victim himself contributes to the accident or to the extent of the damage, then – in accordance with art. 362 kc – compensation from the offender’s TPL will be reduced by a fixed percentage. The most typical situations in which one can talk about the victim’s contribution are driving with excessive speed, driving as a passenger with a drunk driver, driving without fastened seat belts, driving without lights turned on or crossing the pedestrian. The occurrence of any of these conditions will result in benefits being reduced by the insurer. Hire a Pasadena truck accident attorney.

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