The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates: Child Custpdy Lawyers in Sacramento,California

One of court’s most important decisions in divorce cases is determining child custody. A child custody lawyer has the expertise in representing their clients in such hearings and presenting evidence explaining why their clients should have the custody of their child. There are several mitigating factors court need to have taken into account when awarding child guardianship. A child sees their parents as equals in most situations and any change occurs in a relationship during the divorce process can leave severe emotional impact. The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates in Sacramento, California duly understands the complexities of the relationships between a child and their parents when they are not residing under the same roof because of child custody.
In Sacramento, joint parental custody is the most preferred option even though one person is known as the main custodial parent. The lawyers can present your case in front of the judge outlining why you would be the best choice for the main custodial parent. They also work with private investigators to find out as many facts as possible in the case.
Most cases often get quite emotional and buoyant. The attorneys will commit enough time and effort to find out possible witnesses on your behalf and working with the courts in establishing which parent is the best suited for child custody.
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