Personal injury lawyer at Charles J. Argento & Associates

Personal injury comes under jurisdictions of the tort law and its practitioners are known as the personal injury lawyers. These lawyers represent as litigants to plaintiffs for a civil crime that is committed by another party’s careless acts/negligence or intentional infliction. As a result the defendant is held legally liable for the actions that have led to physical or psychological loss to the plaintiff.

At Charles J. Argento & Associates, their Houston personal injury lawyers assist the claimant, who is harmed by such civil wrongs, to secure monetary compensation against the loss they have suffered due to the tortious act of the accused party. This compensation includes all expenses correlated with the lawsuit including the attorney fees.

A Houston personal injury lawyer at their firm is qualified and experienced to undertake lawsuits from its establishment through appeal. They have the required qualifications and expertise in practicing the tort law and are ready to defense the clients’ entitlements in the court of law.