Law Offices Of Anthony Choe,Wage And Hour Laws.

As a matter of fact, In Los Angeles, there are laws that require employees to be paid for their overtime jobs, those that require a minimum wage, those paid as overtime above specific time in hours daily or weekly, and interestingly, there are laws that demand employees to be offered meals and some rest time too.These laws were implemented to protect the rights of the employees. It is crystal clear that many workers sustain a lot of injuries as well mainly because they are not being provided adequately with this kind of basic and legal rights. You and I as workers probably need some energy to perform our daily tasks, a 20-minute break arguably could have thwarted the possibility of an accident occurring as well. The Law Offices of Anthony Choe, an employment law firm in Los Angeles, plays a huge role in ensuring their various clients are protected beyond any reasonable doubt. This, therefore, implies that if you are a client whose wage and hour laws has been violated, they take legal action and in the end ensure that each and every single cash that you are entitled to, belongs to you in the long run.

The main purpose of the wage and hour laws is to incubate a minimum standard of living, where all can thrive. Any state is and was built due to the effort and hard work put in by its workers. It is on this basis therefore that the Law Offices of Anthony Choe strive to strengthen these laws by ensuring that all the workers are in a comfortable position to live a life any individual in a civilized society should have.

The Issue Of Unpaid Overtime;

Before taking a legal action against your employer, by walking to the Law Offices of Anthony Choe, you are strongly encouraged to start by speaking to your boss first. Why is this important? It has been known that certain employers use payroll services that are external, or staffing agency to pay their workers. The firm has previously dealt with such cases and where they totally had no idea that this was so. So this is the reason behind it. If they are primarily unable to resolve and come to terms with you, you can, therefore, proceed and acquire an attorney who will propel you towards getting your accrued overtime, unpaid to you as a worker.

The Issue Of Commission Compensation;

Employment compensation issues are always resolved through this informally in many instances. This is done by them, simply by reaching out to the boss, explaining to him/her the whole situation and try working with them. If it is impossible for both parties to come to a resolution, it is at this stage that a lawsuit is filed, and all the client’s wages that were lost are calculated. This is done to make sure that you as a client, is compensated for all the rest breaks and meals that you were actually entitled to and didn’t receive. In addition, this also ensures that the interests and all the penalties that the law approves, are received by you.

The bottom line;

As an employee in Los Angeles, you are legally protected by the law in various aspects that affect you as a worker. However, it is your mandate to know them by your fingertips, and always seek legal action when you feel that one is being violated.