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There are so many things that come after a divorce. Some of the most confusing things that follow a divorce are child visitation and community property disputes. Parents usually find it hard to come up with a parenting plan to sort out issues of child visitation. As such, there is always a need to have an experienced divorce attorney to provide the much-needed advice and assistance throughout this process.

Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates is your trusted family law firm in Sacramento to help you negotiate your parenting agreement. With the experienced team of attorneys at our disposal, we will help you settle your case out of the courts to save you money and time. In the event that this is not possible, be sure of proper representation in the court of law.

For all cases of property division, all able attorneys will also offer advice and help you understand what type of property is considered marital property and what is personal property. This way you can be able to know your rights when it comes to community property.

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