Finding a Good Portland Wrongful Death Attorney

When you lose someone it cuts deep. You feel pain, you feel sad, and you feel sorrow. Sometimes you can feel mad that your loved one was taken from you and you were not ready for that to happen. This happens in normal passing of loved ones, but even more so if the loved one passed away due to a wrongful death. A wrongful death in Portland is when someone has passed because of a negligent act by someone else, and had that person been a little more careful, then the deceased would still be here. If you are the living spouse, heir, or children of the deceased then you have the right to file a wrongful death claim with a skilled Portland wrongful death attorney. This attorney will know how difficult this time is for, and make sure to handle this case with care and compassion.


If you did lose your loved one to a wrongful death you will also want to make sure you are not putting their fate in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. You will want to call Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman a Portland personal injury law firm who has almost forty years of experience in personal injury cases including wrongful death cases. They understand that you are in pain from losing your loved one, and want to make sure that this law suit does not cause you any more pain. They will help you get the results you are looking for.