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Proof of law enforcement agencies can only avail themselves of the evidence expressly permitted by the Code of Criminal Procedure. These include the

  • Information of the accused
  • Information from witnesses
  • Information from experts
  • Reading of documents
  • inspection

Further evidence does not provide for the Code of Criminal Procedure and may not be included in the question of the proof of proof. Finding a good drug crimes attorney Denton.


The task of a lawyer is to influence the collection of evidence at an early stage in criminal proceedings and to examine whether evidence may be raised in a permissible manner. Once evidence has been collected by the prosecution or police, the lawyer must examine whether the evidence was admissible and whether the evidence may be used. For example, if the suspect's fiancé has been pressured by the police and then charged her fiancé, a lawyer will consider whether the fiancé's testimony can be used.

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