Class action

Class action lawsuits enable a group of people with similar injuries that have been caused as a result of the same product or action to sue the defendant as a group.

Class action lawsuits may be as a result of injuries caused by defective products or devices. These may include vehicles and pharmaceutical drugs among other consumer products.

There are other types of conducts over which class action lawsuits have been initiated. These include; employment malpractices, consumer fraud, securities fraud and corporate misconduct.

Mass tort litigation is another type of lawsuit that takes the form of class action. This is a multi-party lawsuit that is based on a massive accident, hazardous product or a defective product.

As an individual, one might not opt to seek legal redress for injuries caused by a product or actions of the defendant especially when the injury is relatively small. However, if there are other people with the same injuries as a result of the same product or action, the claims for the group add up. As a group, it is possible to consolidate various aspects of litigation that include attorneys, evidence, witnesses and defendant. This has the effect of lowering the overall litigation costs and making the whole process more efficient.

Van Etten Sipprelle attorneys in Westlake Village, have over the years handled numerous class action lawsuits. This is both in defense and prosecution. These class action claims have included unfair and deceptive business practices, defective products, wage and hour violations as well as consumer fraud.