Child custody

For most couples, the weeks around the birth of their baby are an exciting and turbulent time. Hardly anyone would like to think about legal regulations or forms in the intoxication of the happy hormones and in the initial confusion – but that can be very useful under certain circumstances.

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Parental care

The correct term – includes the right and duty to care for a minor child, from nursing and education to asset management. Parents then automatically exercise this concern when they are married to each other.


Unmarried people can make a joint statement It is different with unmarried parents: Here, the child custody is initially only with the mother. If the mother and father want to change that, they have to hand in so-called care statements. "That's how the parents decide that they want to exercise custody together, They do not necessarily have to live together, they can even be married to third parties. It is important that the declarations can only be made in person and have to be authenticated in public, such as the youth welfare office or a notary.

Such an explanation can be given even before the birth of the common baby – but also long after that, because deadlines do not exist. Parents can issue a joint custody notice until the child is of age. However, a change of name is only possible for a limited time, From the time the declaration of care is given, the parents have the option of giving the child the name of the mother or father for three months the parents marry.